2022 Annual Review of Paired-up Assistance and Aid Scheme Work of the School of Business Administration

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Giving priority to the paired-up assistance and aid scheme work, the School of Business Administration (the SBA) helped the receivers of assistance promote the aid scheme work in various channels and forms in 2022. Capitalizing on ZUELs strengths such as its think tanks, education and research, as well as the faculty and talents, the SBA further strengthened the consensus on poverty alleviation and contributed to aligning our efforts to consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation with efforts to promote rural revitalization through a combination of poverty-alleviation steps, including financial assistance, pairing programs, poverty-relief efforts through consumption, the assignment of cadres to poverty-alleviation programs, personnel training and exchanges, as well as inviting investment.

1. Fully Mobilizing Resources from Alumni, Further Reducing Poverty Through Funding

The SBA further conducted more financial assistance programs based on the school’s reality and the demands of those areas which needed assistance. The SBA made a positive contribution to alumni-assistance fund and physical assistance through capitalizing on its strength of alumni. In 2022, the SBA introduced assistance and donation fund totaling 130 thousand yuan to support the development of Yanjin county, Yunnan province and Hongshi village, Xianning city. Besides, another 110 thousand yuan was used for poverty-alleviation efforts through consumption in Yanjin county and Jianshi county. And the SBA connected with the alumni to help establish two Landing AI-based cell-pathology laboratories at Yanjin county and Maishi town, Xianning city. All these efforts have helped those areas consolidate and expand their poverty-relief outcomes.

2. Leveraging the Schools Strengths in Disciplines, Promoting One-on-one Intellectual Assistance

Over the past year, the SBA proactively completed the tasks of paired-up assistance and aid scheme work. Specifically, the SBA continued to help ZUEL advance the existing industrial programs of enterprises that needed assistance and to help Yanjin county and Tongcheng county in industrial upgrading through capitalizing on its strengths of disciplines and think tanks. In addition, the SBA provided those areas that needed assistance with intellectual support through a range of measures including project researching, decision-consulting and targeted training. Specifically, the School mainly helped develop schemes for rural vitalization, tourism development, product marketing, ecological protection and integrated industrial development. For instance, Professor Wu Haitao voluntarily completed a cross-sectional study named A Scheme for Consolidating and Building on our Achievements in Poverty Alleviation and Promoting Rural Revitalization at Tongcheng County. And the fund for this study was offered to Tongcheng County People’s Government for its rural revitalization. Besides, Professor Deng Aimin was invited to formulate plans for local homestays’ development at Tongcheng county, and to address the work conference of “The Colleges and Universities Tourism Assistance Alliance”. In addition, two teachers from West Yunnan University of Applied Sciences (WYUAS) were admitted to the Department of Tourism Management as doctoral students based on the aid scheme program in 2022. Additionally, in order to boost industrial upgrading at Hongshi village, associate professor Du Peng was assigned to complete assistance work including the product marketing, management and brand planning of two programs, i.e. 5G cloud feeding pigs and two-end-black pigs.

3. Proactively Responding to the Countrys Call, Promptly Recommending Excellent Faculty to Poverty-alleviation Programs

The SBA proactively recommended excellent teachers to participate in various assistance work, including poverty-alleviation programs, aiding Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Yunnan province, as well as the work of staying at villages in Hubei province. Besides, the SBA helped the University with the tracking service of temporary cadres, assisted teachers and silver-age teachers and care more about them. In August, 2021, the associate professor Mao Haitao was assigned to assist in China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay for one year. During this time, he has been honored with several honorary titles such as Outstanding Assisted Teacher and Outstanding Supervisor for Undergraduate Thesis. In August, 2022, the associate professor An Zengke was assigned to assist in China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay. The director of Undergraduate Affairs Office Zeng Jie attended a two-year assistance program in Hubei province. Ye Hanchi and Ding Meisheng, two retired teachers of the School, actively participated in Silver-age Teachers Program and worked in distant WYUAS as volunteer teachers. In 2022, two teachers from the WYUAS was admitted to the Department of Tourism Management as doctoral students based on the University’s relevant requirements.

4. Harnessing the Faculty and Party Members Potential, Boosting Poverty-Relief Efforts Through Consumption

The SBA stepped up efforts to advocate that the faculty, students, alumni and enterprises run by alumni order products from poor areas to promote poverty alleviation. Besides, the School insisted on the combination of consumption-based assistance, the school’s centralized purchasing, holiday and daily spending of faculty and students so as to delve into the potential of consumption-based assistance in the faculty, students, alumni and cooperating enterprises. Specifically, the SBA vigorously purchased agricultural by-products from Yanjin county, Tongcheng county and other places through offline channels, and some online platforms including E-commerce Platform for Agricultural By-products from Poverty-alleviation Areas and E-Assistance.