Academic Lecture Notice: Week 16 (5.28-6.3) of Spring Term in 2023

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Date and TimeLocationOrganizer HostKeynote SpeakerTopic
2023.5.30 14:00-15:30North 217
Wenquan Building 
Department of Business AdministrationProfessor
Wen Hao
Luo Ziling
Cutting-edge Lecture on Asset Evaluation: Practical Approaches and Case Studies in Trademark Valuation
2023.5.30 18:00-22:30North510
Room Drucker)
Wenquan Building 
Department of Tourism ManagementDoctor
Gui Chenglin
Zhao Xuhong
Grounded Research: A Practical Guide to Qualitative Research
Theoretical Foundations (18:00-20:00), Practice and Application (20:15-22:30)
2023.6.1 14:00-15:30Room 111
Wenbo Building 
Department of Marketing ManagementAssociate
Liu Xinyan
Yang Xingkai
Current Status and Trends of Cross-Border E-commerce Development