Academic Lecture Notice: Week 4 (9.17-9.23) of Fall Term in 2023

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Date and Time




Keynote Speaker


2023.9.17 15:00-17:00

Wenquan North Building, Conference Room 506

Wenquan Industry and Commerce-Cheung Kong Forum

Prof. Wu Haitao

Prof.Gong Binlei

Drawing the Line: How to Write a Good Introduction to an Academic Paper

Department of Agricultural Economic Management

2023.9.18 8:50-10:10

Conference Room 407, Wenquan North Building

MBA Education Center, Management Case Study Center

Prof. Wen Hao

Prof. Cui Miao

Design and Implementation of Single Case Studies

2023.9.18 14:00-15:30

Wenquan North Building, Conference Room 506

Research Center for Digital Economy and Business Ethics

Zheng Yaozhou, Associate Professor

Yu Huiyong, Chairman

Nine Deaths and a Life in Business - A Case of Cultural Change and Corporate Development in Pak Kwo Yuen

2023.9.18 14:00-15:30

201 Wen Tian Building

Department of Business Mmanagement

Prof. Wen Hao

Wang Chengjun, Chairman

The Past and Present Life of the Asset Appraisal Industry: Observations and Reflections from Appraisers

2023.9.22 10:00-11:30

Tencent Conference: 333-228-133

Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Prof. Zou Bipan

Prof.Tan Yinliang

A Field Experiment on AI-Assisted Physicians