SBA Successfully Conducted the Fifth Session of “Responsible Management Class with Mentors”

publisher:朱妍臻release time:2023-09-22viewed:11

On 21st September, 2023, at 4:30 PM, the fifth session of the Responsible Management Class with Mentors event was held as scheduled in Classroom 306 of the Wenrun Building at Shouyi Campus. Associate Professor Feng Ya from the Department of Business Administration gave a lecture on the theme of Protecting the Ecological Environment: China's Actions from the Perspective of Economic Sustainable Development to all the new graduate students of the 2023 cohort. The event was presided over by Vice Secretary of the School Party Committee and Deputy Dean, Zhu Yanping, and attended by counselors Jiang Qianqian, Xu Yiling, Jiang Weimin, and all the graduate students of the 2023 cohort.


During the class, Associate Professor Feng Ya used the Fukushima nuclear power plant's discharge of contaminated water into the sea as an introduction and emphasized the challenges faced by the global ecosystem from the perspective of economic sustainable development. This event not only helped students gain a deeper understanding of China's development in the field of ecological economy but also made them aware of the contributions they can make to addressing global ecological challenges.


Vice Secretary Zhu Yanping hoped that graduate students would have a profound understanding of their responsibilities as young business professionals in the new era and strive to contribute to the construction of China's ecological civilization.


Since its launch in September 2021, the Responsible Management Class with Mentors event has become a characteristic student brand activity of the School of Business Administration (SBA) and has now been held for five sessions. This event continuously guides students to become proactive and hardworking young individuals who have ideals and are willing to take on responsibilities.