SBA and Ocean Village Holiday B&B Held Unveiling Ceremony for Postgraduate Industry-Academia-Research base

publisher:朱妍臻release time:2023-10-24viewed:10

On 22nd October , School of Business Administration (SBA) successfully held the unveiling ceremony for the postgraduate industry-academia-research base for Ocean Village Holiday B&B in Jiangxia District, Wuhan City. Participating in the awarding ceremony were Prof. Deng Yuanjian, Dean of the Department of Agricultural Economics Management, Associate Prof. Zou Rong and Associate Prof. Zhou Lili of the Department of Tourism Management, Ms. Jiang Qianqian of the Graduate Student Work Office, and Mr. Yang Chisheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ocean Village Resort and B&B, and Mr. Yang Wenjun, General Manager of Ocean Village Resort. So far, SBA has added another practical teaching and research base in the cultivation of postgraduates.


Ocean Village Resort B&B is located in Husi Street, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, which was originally one of the most remote and poorest villages in Wuhan City, and in 2017, Wuhan Yangsheng Company turned it into a backyard of leisure and tourism in the beautiful countryside, which preserves and utilizes the natural environment to a great extent. Nowadays, the average annual reception of the ocean villagers hostel tourists up to more than 30,000 people, become a typical representative of Jiangxia District agricultural tourism integration to help rural revitalization, but also with the Department of Agricultural Economics of SBA and the Department of Tourism Management in the postgraduate training in the development of in-depth cooperation, and Associate Professor Zou Rong led the postgraduate team to cooperate with the ocean villagers hostel, wrote a report titled The wind knows the grass is tough: Ocean Village Lodging's battle against the epidemic turned into an opportunity has been selected into the case database of China Management Case Sharing Center.


SBA will further strengthen cooperation with Ocean Village Lodging to build a high-quality industry-academia-research base and promote the win-win vision between universities and enterprises.