Dean Wu Haitao Attends and Delivers Keynote Speech at AMBA&BGA Latin America Annual Conference

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On September 27th to 29th, 2023, AMBA&BGA Latin America Annual Conference was held in Mexico. More than one hundred representatives from 53 business schools in China and Latin America met in Mexico City to discuss the frontiers of global business education and China-Latin America exchange and cooperation. Prof. Wu Haitao, Dean of School of Business Administration (SBA), and Prof. Du Peng, Dean of Marketing Management Department and Academic Director of MBA Center, went to Mexico to attend this annual meeting. Dean Wu Haitao was also invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development sub-forum of this annual meeting.

In the sub-forum of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development hosted by Prof. Wang Zhongming, member of the International Advisory Board of AMBA&BGA and director of the Center for Global Entrepreneurship of Zhejiang University, Dean Wu Haitao was invited to speak on the topic of Women's Leadership and Career Development of College Students. Dean Wu Haitao introduced the Center for Female Leadership and Student Career Development (CFLSCD) from three aspects: the original intention of establishment, the progress of construction, and the future outlook, etc. Since the establishment of CFLSCD at the end of 2021, in just two years, CFLSCD has constructed a three-dimensional innovative nurturing model with scientific research, curriculum teaching and practice platforms, and has played a leading role in the leadership training of female students in China. It is worth mentioning that CFLSCD has been nominated for the AMBA&BGA Global Excellence Award in 2022 and 2023.

Representatives of SBA also had face-to-face communication with the accreditation directors of AMBA&BGA, international experts and business school peers to understand the focus and new trends of MBA programs and global business school development as well as the latest standards of AMBA&BGA accreditation, which drew experience for next year's joint re-accreditation of AMBA&BGA, and also contributed to the combination of business and new technologies, internationalization and international exchanges and cooperation among business schools in our university. It will also bring very important promotion to the combination of business and new technology, the internationalization of business school, and international exchange and cooperation.