Career Mobilization and Career Guidance Meeting for the SBA Class of 2024 Concludes Successfully

publisher:朱妍臻release time:2023-10-11viewed:25

In order to help the 2024 graduates recognize the employment situation and master the job-seeking skills, School of Business Administration (SBA) held the Employment Mobilization and Employment Guidance Meeting for the 2024 graduates in the morning of 9th October, 2023 in the Academic Lecture Hall of Wenquan Building. Director Wen Xi of University Employment Guidance Service Center, Professor Wu Haitao, Dean of SBA, Secretary Yu Xiaopeng, Deputy Secretary Li Fang and Deputy Secretary Zhu Yanping of Party Committee of SBA attended the meeting. This meeting especially invited Mr. Tan Xiaoyu, the principal of Hubei Branch of Wanxue Education Haiwen Examination and Research Center, and Mr. Ye Lingpeng, the employment instructor of the university and the outstanding graduate of SBA in 2008, to give a special lecture on the topics of examination and research, employment and public examination. SBA's 2024 graduating class counselors, class instructors and all undergraduates, masters and PhD graduates attended the meeting through both online and offline platforms. The conference was hosted by Ms. Fan Mengyu, counselor of undergraduate class of 2020 of SBA.

First of all, Dean Wu Haitao encouraged students to have confidence, good orientation and not afraid of difficulties to realize the value of life through employment in the light of the current employment situation. Then Director Wen Xi helped students to improve their confidence in employment and grasp the employment opportunities through the understanding of the employment situation. Then Mr. Ye Lingpeng and Mr. Tan Xiaoyu pointed out the direction and gave great encouragement to the graduates of public positions and graduate school respectively. Finally, Mr. Fan Mengyu gave a detailed introduction to the employment process and strengthened the graduates' awareness of employment fraud prevention.

The Faculty of SBA hopes that all graduates will strive to be the youth of the times, and confidently and calmly enter the wave of employment.