SBA Held a Symposium for Representatives of Master and Doctoral Students of Ethnic Minority High-Level Core Talents Program

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On 16th November, 2023, a seminar for representatives of master and doctoral students of Ethnic Minority High-Level Core Talents Program of the School of Business Administration (SBA) was successfully held in Conference Room 407, North of Wenquan Building. Vice Dean Shi Junwei, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Zhu Yanping, Ms. Jiang Qianqian and Ms. Jiang Weimin from Graduate Student Work Office attended the seminar.


At the symposium, Vice Dean Shi Junwei pointed out that SBA has been training students under the Ethnic Minority High-Level Core Talents Program for more than 15 years, and has cultivated more than 100 excellent doctoral and master's degree graduates for the minority areas in China. He hoped that the students would open their hearts and speak freely through the symposium.


Participating students actively spoke, put forward their own questions and confusion, the participating leaders and teachers answered in detail. Vice Dean Shi Junwei suggested that SBA has been arranging rich academic and career guidance lectures on a regular basis, and suggested that students should listen to the lectures with their questions and take the initiative to communicate and discuss with the speakers. Deputy Secretary Zhu Yanping said that students should take the initiative to pay attention to SBA and the Career Guidance Service Center as well as the information on the official website, so as to obtain valuable information in time. Ms. Qianqian Jiang responded to the questions related to applying for doctoral degree and doctoral graduation conditions. Mr. Jiang Weimin also gave detailed answers to the questions of fresh graduates in job hunting and employment.


SBA will continue to pay attention to the growth and development of ethnic minority students, so that the training of students under the Ethnic Minority High-Level Core Talents Program of SBA can truly serve the promotion of national unity and progress, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the nation.