Our master's degree students in land resource management participated in the China Land Science Forum 2023

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On November 10th-12th, 2023, the 20th Joint Conference of Deans (Heads of Departments) of Land Resource Management of National Universities and the 2023 China Land Science Forum was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. The forum was jointly organized by the Public Management Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education, the Joint Conference of Deans (Heads) of Land Resource Management of National Universities, the Editorial Board of China Land Science, and Jiangxi Agricultural University, with the theme of Land Space Utilization and Planning for Chinese Modernization. More than 480 experts and representatives from more than 100 universities and research institutes across the country carried out seminars focusing on such key areas as transformation of arable land utilization and protection policy innovation, and the theory and method of ecological restoration of land space.

Under the guidance of Prof. Song Min, Yang Geqin, Zhu Mindi and Peng Jingyi, the students from our institute completed the paper Are the governmental and public goals of county arable land protection the same? --The paper Empirical Evidence Based on Ecosystem Service Trade-off won the first prize of excellent papers in this year's China Land Science Forum, which explored the objectives of the government and the public of arable land protection at the county scale based on ecosystem service trade-off, and provided a basis for the construction of a differential It provides theoretical basis and practical reference for constructing differentiated arable land protection policies and promoting the transformation of arable land utilization.

This forum focuses on the key points in the field of land science in the context of Chinese modernization, and provides a good academic exchange platform for students, helping them to understand the frontiers of the discipline and broaden their knowledge horizons.