Li Jinrong

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Exclusive Interviews with Alumni || Li Jinrong: Value Creation and Struggling

Lai Jinrong, born in 1989, graduated from School of business and administration(SBA) in 2008, majoring in human resource management, senior human resource manager, Wuhan University, School of Economics and Management, doctoral student, currently the director of human resource center at the headquarter of Sinopharm Group China National Traditional Chinese Medicine Holding Company Limited, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University off-campus employment and entrepreneurship mentor, Guangdong Provincial Human Resource Research Society, has been published in Asian Pacific He has published more than ten professional papers in Asian Pacific Business Review (SSCI), Journal of Psychology, Journal of Management, Business Economics and Management and other core journals at home and abroad.


I started my unforgettable and fulfilling university years in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL), and after graduation, I went to Sun Yat-sen University to study for my master's degree. Since then, I have been engaged in corporate human resource management, and I am committed to becoming a practitioner and researcher of human resource management. Grateful to teachers to give professional knowledge, so that I have a foothold in society, can do some work for the country for the community for the enterprise to the best of their ability, in the process, some impressive footprints, ideas and insights to share with all alumni.


I remember the moment I received the letter of acceptance from ZUEL, the excitement was especially profound, which marked that I could enter the national key financial university. I remember that on the day I checked in, my family's accommodation fee through bank transfer had not yet arrived, which meant that I might not be able to do the check-in procedures, and I was panicked. Fortunately, I met Ms. Wang Meifang and Ms. Zeng Jie, who are responsible for the orientation work of the SBA, and they patiently coordinated the procedures and related matters, and they also arranged for student volunteers to provide guidance for me to check in. These details made me feel the warmth of the SBA and made me, a freshman, a little more relaxed.


Our major at that time was divided into two classes, which was a large number of majors in the SBA. In 2008, the human resource management program was still in its initial development. In the stage of university study, we were fortunate to meet Mr. Zhao Chenhui, Mr. Wang Shuhong, Mr. Han Yi, Mr. Zheng Yaozhou and other high-level experts and scholars to teach us, from the basic introduction to the forefront of the profession, from the theoretical system to the management method, their passion for human resource management professional research, insight into professional issues, academic rigor was greatly admired by us. Thanks to my professional teachers, and because of the guidance of many teachers, I have gradually strengthened my confidence in the future engaged in the theory and practice of human resource management research, cherish every lesson in the university classroom, seize every opportunity to practice and exercise, and constantly improve their professional ability and level, because the power of professionalism, so that I have less confusion in career choices, and more of a persistence on the road to progress in life. I have found that after I came to ZUEL, I was able to realize that I am a good student.

 After I came to ZUEL, I found that there are a lot of excellent students in ZUEL, and the atmosphere of learning is very strong, I have a role model on the way of growth, and I can see my own gap in the progress, so that I can always keep a kind of motivation. The love of friendship among classmates has become a precious treasure in my life.

After working for many years, I found that my specialty is the basis for creating value in society. Whether you continue to engage in the school's professional or midway change profession, the development of better colleagues are basically in the field to do a better job. As long as the value of the work, as long as the work to the extreme, in order to get the respect and recognition of the community, which is also every one of our business management workers should be adhering to the original intention. In the face of the complexity of society, we need a calm mind to treat their own work, thinking about how to do their own work better and more valuable. As long as there is an ideal in the heart, there is power under the feet, starting from the little things, from the problem, do not speculate, quick success, through the challenges, the difficulties of the sharpening of their own maturity, so that the power of professionalism into their own advantages on the road ahead, the other side of the victory will naturally appear.

Work is a training of life. In the work, may encounter complex interpersonal relationships, may encounter colleagues with greater ability than their own, may be frustrated in the work, etc., these problems are testing us, at this time, more calmly think about how to solve. We do not focus on the success or failure of the moment, can be summarized at the end of each project to review, reflect on which aspects of their own do well, which aspects do not do enough, to consolidate the good side, to do their own inability to improve the place, perseverance will meet a different self. In addition, keep an open mind, around a lot of good leaders, colleagues have a lot to learn from their own place, may as well communicate more to them, so that their workplace more forward momentum source.


As a professional and technical workers, work is not only the need to earn a living, but also the need for self-realization. If the work is regarded as a lifelong cause, then we will pour more love to their work from the heart, in the ordinary post on the emergence of more creativity, produce more organizations, employees benefit from the value. For the same work, different people will have different views, and by the organization is often valued by those who are proactive, in the event of courage to take responsibility for good people. Work as an opportunity to train themselves, the enterprise as a win-win development platform, the opportunity to achieve personal and organizational achievements. China's famous human resource management scholars Peng Jianfeng that management is practice, practice is our greatest teacher, which coincides with the SBA Fei Xianzheng teacher said at the end of our Marketing elective course theory is gray, the practice of the tree evergreen. Management practice is changing and developing, we are engaged in business administration work, when the attitude of struggle into practice, in practice to draw on the new power of progress, in practice to explore the true meaning of management, which is precisely our management, management practitioners to pursue the goal, but also our management talents to grow and become a must.


Although the road is far, it will come, although things are difficult to do, it will be accomplished. I wish all the siblings a successful study and a bright future, and all of them will get what they want!