Yang Lu

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Exclusive Interviews with Alumni | Yang Lu: If you don't forget it, it will come back to you!

Yang Lu, female, born in April 1993, Dangyang, Hubei Province, a member of the CPC, graduated from School of Business Administration (SBA) in 2012, majoring in logistics management. 2016, she was guaranteed to be sent to the School of Management of Zhejiang University to study for a doctoral degree, and after graduation in 2023, she joined the School of Management of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

 In September 2012, Yang Lu was admitted to SBA of Zhongnan University of Economics and LawZUEL, majoring in logistics management from a remote rural village in Danyang City, Hubei Province, and began her four-year study life in the University. As time passes, the years go by like a shuttle, it has been seven years since she graduated from SBA, and in these seven years, she has been studying as hard as ever and striving hard. She has successfully joined HUST after completing her doctoral degree in ZJU, realizing our great expectations for her and fulfilling her childhood dream of being a teacher. Today, let's go into her study path and listen to her struggle story.

 After the first college entrance examination failure, Yang Lu enrolled in ZUEL, majoring in logistics management by repeating the entrance examination. In the first year of college, she took the initiative to serve as a study committee member of her class, not only assuming the important responsibility of bridging the gap between classmates and teachers, actively serving her classmates; and she herself studied hard, and her grades were among the best in her class. Yang Lu said, she is not a smart student, only by more efforts than others to achieve similar results. However, the valuable thing is that she is never afraid of suffering, and she works very hard and diligently, which is also an important reason why she can achieve excellent results. During her sophomore year, Yang Lu even chose to challenge herself further by running for class president and was successfully elected. According to her, this year was the busiest and most rewarding year of her college life, as well as an important turning point. Because dealing with class affairs takes up part of her study time after serving as class president, Yang Lu could only squeeze out more rest time to pursue her studies. At the same time, under the effective guidance of her counselor, Yang Lu clarified her social responsibility as a student in the new era, and thus came up with the idea of going into the society and returning to the countryside to pay attention to the Three Rural Issues, and to use her own knowledge to explain and solve the problems that the countryside is encountering. Eventually, the summer social practice team led by her paid attention to the rural left-behind children and the last kilometer of rural logistics and other difficult problems, the project not only won the school-level key projects, the final results also won the first prize. And it is also because of the class president, not only exercise her language skills, communication and organization skills, problem-solving ability, but also let her learn to more reasonable arrangement and management of their own time, to ensure that in the management of the class at the same time, can focus on coursework and research competitions. During the year, she ranked first in her class in both academic and scientific research scores, and led her class to win a number of honors, becoming a model class group that teachers have been praising. Her hardworking attitude, quick thinking, excellent execution and generous personality allowed her to excel in many duties and maintain excellent academic and competition results during the year.

 She gradually clarified her future career plan by leading the school's winter and summer social practice as well as academic and research programs such as the Bowen Cup Hixian Cup. She talked about how these programs and competitions helped her learn how to solve problems and feel the joy of academic research, so she decided to continue her education after her undergraduate studies. It is not easy for a child from a rural family to pursue further education after undergraduate studies, but her parents are very open-minded and supportive. At the same time, SBA has always been strongly supportive of students who have the ability and ideas to continue their studies, and is committed to sending students to better platforms for training, so that they can become better people, and truly realize that the university cultivates useful people for the society. Under the unremitting efforts of Yang Lu and the strong recommendation of the teachers, she was finally admitted by the School of Management of ZJU to study for a doctoral degree.

 According to her, the journey of studying for a doctorate at ZJU was also a muddy and bumpy one, with countless moments of confusion and struggle. But she is still the same, fighting hard, being positive and going forward. From journal paper to thesis, from psychological state to scientific research state, the hurdles are difficult to pass. The experience of breaking through the hurdles time and again made her firmly believe that there is no such thing as an insurmountable obstacle in this world, let alone a difficult problem that cannot be conquered. Therefore, after graduation, she still firmly chose to realize her original dream, as a college teacher, to continue to overcome the problems on the road of scientific research. Realizing my childhood dream of becoming a college teacher is not the end of my journey, but the beginning of my next journey. Yang Lu said, as a scholar, she hopes to continue to broaden her international vision and improve her academic research ability in the future, to face the national demand and enterprise practice, to do more valuable, meaningful and internationally influential research in the research field of digital transformation of supply chain, and to strive unremittingly for solving the real-life management problems of the enterprises, and for China's original management theories to be on the international stage. As a teacher, she will do her best to teach students and try her best to cultivate them into innovative and leading talents with international vision, innovation ability, entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility.

Alumna Yang Lu's message: Learned, Rational, Virtuous, Devoted” are forever engraved in my heart. This eight-character motto inspires me to enrich knowledge, seek the truth and remove falsehoods; inspires me to serve the country and the people, and to serve the society. I will pass on and carry forward the fighting spirit of ZUEL.