Dong Jinwei

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Exclusive Interviews with Alumni | Dong Jinwei: Rooted in the Borderland, My Heart Goes to the Party

Dong Jinwei, male, Han nationality, born in November 1993, a native of Gengma, Yunnan, CPC member, graduated from School of Business and Administration (SBA) in 2011, majoring in business administration, is now the director of the office of Lincang Supervisory Sub-bureau of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC).

After graduation in July 2015, he was born in the backward areas of the southwestern border of the motherland, bearing in mind the school motto of  Learned, Rational, Virtuous and Devoted, and knowing the need to take root at the grassroots level and build his hometown, he decided to return to work in the southwestern border of the motherland, multi-ethnic, underdeveloped Lincang, and serve in the front line of grass-roots financial supervision work for a long time. Looking back on years of work history, some marks deeply printed in his life path.

At the border, be a stalwart with a heart for the Party. Lincang is located at the border, bordering the complex and volatile northern Myanmar. Having good political literacy is the primary requirement to do a good job in financial supervision at the border. He adheres to Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly establishes the Marxist worldview, outlook on life, values, and firm Marxist faith. He has always faithfully supported the two establishments, strengthened the four consciousnesses, firmly established the four self-confidence, and achieved the two safeguards. He has excellent political skills. Strictly adhere to political discipline and political rules, always maintain a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in political stance, political direction, political principles and political path, and continue to enhance political judgment, political comprehension and political execution. Consciously practicing socialist core values, able to be clear virtue, public morality, strict personal morality.

At the border, do a struggle to overcome difficulties. He was born at the grassroots level, with hard work character, many years of grass-roots work experience has sharpened his strong will, refined his hard work style. As a party member, he always keeps in mind the initial mission, in the critical time to step forward, the courage to stand up to the tide. In the face of the battle against poverty and epidemic prevention and control of the war of resistance, he was at the front, the courage to play as. As a turn to visit, hanging package to help the first staff of the war against poverty, he overcame the inconvenience of the road in the village linked to the previous period, the work is difficult to push and other difficulties, to the unit of poverty alleviation linked to the point of Yunxian Chestnut Township Village, in-depth masses, for the masses to do practical things. In the face of an outbreak, he quickly responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee, resolutely obeyed the arrangement, as a unit to deal with the COVID-19 pneumonia outbreak leading group office of the work of the liaison, responsible for the specific epidemic prevention work, always conscientious, hard-working, hard-working, and fully carry forward the spirit of the new era of screws. The occurrence of a local epidemic, he took the initiative to help, into the high-risk control area emergency duty, to ensure that the unit work constantly gear.

In the border, do a can officer bearer. He always keeps in mind that he is a Communist Party member, a servant of the people, everything should be in the interests of the masses, the collective interests of the starting point, everything should take the initiative to take the lead. Continuously enhance the sense of responsibility, maintain a good state of mind, maintain a strong sense of responsibility for the cause, carry forward the spirit of nails, pragmatic grasp of the work, change the style of work to improve the efficiency, and always do not relax in the study, not loose energy in the work, the standard is not lowered. Active learning, rapid adaptation, grasp the policy, in the urgent and dangerous tasks to maintain a good state of mind, to overcome the difficulties, in order to dry body, diligent work. He worked hard and made many work achievements, and his annual assessment for three consecutive years from 2019-2021 was assessed as excellent by the unit, and he was credited with third-class merit, and he was recognized as an excellent party member by the unit for many years. As the secretary of the party branch and the secretary of the Youth League Committee, he coordinated the promotion of the Red Youth Project and the urgent and dangerous tasks, and finally the Youth League Committee was awarded the title of Yunnan Provincial May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee.

Message to the students of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Strugglers are youthful. A generation has its own long march. Our country is moving towards prosperity and strength, our nation is moving towards great rejuvenation, and our people are moving towards a happier and better life. As a contemporary Chinese youth, in order to make a difference, we must struggle with the people, youth can be bright; advance with the people, youth can be high; with the people to realize the dream, youth can have no regrets.